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In collaboration with Polycom, the Richard D. Donchian Foundation and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, MMC is in the process of upgrading the configuration of Polycom videoconferencing equipment located at the Armenian National Institute of Child and Adolescent Health.

This upgrade from "standard-definition" to "high-definition" is for the purpose of further enhancing the telemedicine connectivity between Armenia-based pediatricians and MMC's network of pediatric specialists and subspecialists from across the United States.  As with each of MMC's other TOP projects, this technology upgrade is for the purpose of improving medical outcomes for Armenia's sickest children. In addition, MMC is now orchestrating the timely and continuous delivery of video-based medical education content to the Armenian pediatric medical community to ensure that doctors and allied health workers throughout the country are provided with the opportunity to stay abreast of the medical advancements taking place not only in Armenia but also in all other parts of world as well.

The key components of this program include:

  • Upgrade of the Telemedicine Outreach Site at the Armenian National Institute of Child and Adolescent Health (NICAH) using Polycom High-Definition Videoconference technologies.
  • Upgrade of the Internet-based "Continuous Medical Education" Portal for the Armenia Pediatric medical community to take advantage of latest technologies and provide access to an even greater number of digital medical videos.
  • Production of a "live" medical symposium that features topics of greatest interest to an Armenian medical audience presented by key opinion leaders within the disciplines of pediatric medicine specifically requested by our Armenia counterparts.
  • Production of four additional video lectures (in Armenian) presented by Armenian-speaking doctors trained in the United States.
  • Participation in weekly "grand rounds" with one or more U.S.-based medical facilities.

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