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We had discussed the possibility of offering CME credit for the 12AMWC.  Although it is not required for Argentina, it may help attract participants from USA, Canada and possibly elsewhere, including Armenia.

The Armenian Medical Society (AAMS) and Professionales Latinoamericanos Armenios en Salud (PLAS) plan to jointly provide Category 1 continuing medical education credit for the 12th Armenian Medical World Congress


Joint providership of CME credit involves an accredited CME provider (AAMS) working together with PLAS to provide the credit.   AAMS would oversee certain aspects of the Congress.  These are straightforward, and include:
  1. discussion of the educational needs (as PLAS has already done)
  2. ensuring that learning objectives are spelled out (a bit of planning)
  3. ensuring the integrity of the presenters and lectures (will not be a problem)
  4. evaluating the success to which our needs were met (easy to do)
  5. Now the tricky part:  Independence from commercial interest
  • Commercial support, if received, must be unrestricted educational grants and/or exhibit fees, with written agreements signed by PLAS, AAMS and the commercial interest.
  • Commercial interests may not directly provide travel, honorarium, lodging etc.  for speakers (or for anyone else)
  • financial disclosure should be obtained from all  in control of the course content.  This includes faculty, planners and CME committee members.  
  • AAMS has an honorarium policy.  I believe that PLAS will not provide honoraria for speakers.  In any case, whatever is done should be consistent with AAMS policy.
  • There are other minor details like watching out for logos and unnecessary trade names. 
  • We should watch out for speakers who may seek their own commercial support.  



  1. Don't advertise CME credit until it is approved, signed, sealed, delivered.
  2. We need financial disclosures from everyone in control of course content:
    • The speakers (click here for list and financial disclosure status)
    • The CME committee
    • The Scientific Committee
    • Course planners
    • Probably a good idea to have them from everyone planning the Congress.
    • Need to disclose information about financial relationships with commercial interests within the past year.  We don't need to know the monetary amount.
    • The CME committee, and not the speaker, is responsible for determining whether a relationship is relevant to course content.
    • Hasmik, can you forward an electronic copy of AAMS' financial disclosure letter.
  3. Let's decide, with the PLAS scientific committee, what we are trying to do.  It could help save some work if we decide overall goals of the Congress rather than for each individual session.



ACCME criteria (pdf)  Includes proposed new Commendation Criteria


Plenary sessions:

Healthcare development and strategies in Armenia

Speakers:  Rafi Avitsian, Shant Shekherdimian, Jerry Manoukian, someone from MoH, Pablo Elmassian

Gap:  pretty straightforward.  Diaspora has poor understanding of strategies for developing health system in Armenia/NKR and we need to regroup and restate our priorities every few years.

Objectives:  Restate the priorities for healthcare development in Armenia/NKR



Robert Istepanian, possibly Al Gharakhanian

Gap:  New technology, used throughout developing countries, including M health, telemedicine.  

Gap:  New technology, Artificial Intelligence, including neural networks and other technology that can help drive telemedicine, assist in medical decisionmaking and possibly stimulate the economy in Armenia

Objectives:  Recognize opportunities for telemedicine use and develop ideas for its deployment


 Alzheimer Disease

Speaker:  Sergio Hototian

Coordinators:  Miguel Ekizian, Carlos Ketzoian


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