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May 31 - June 2, 2017

12th Armenian Medical World Congress, held in Buenos Aires!

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Vicken Sepilian is new AMIC President

Vicken Sepilian, MD was elected AMIC President at the 12th Armenian Medical World Congress in Buenos Aires.  Dr Sepilian, a native of Glendale, California, is a fertility specialist at Glendale Adventist Hospital.  He is Past President of the Armenian-American Medical Society and was Chair of the 11th Armenian Medical World Congress held in Los Angeles in 2011.  He climbed Mt Ararat in 2012.


About AMIC

The Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC) consists of representatives from Armenian healthcare associations throughout the Diaspora.  Our purpose is to improve healthcare in Armenia through through coordination of efforts among our member organizations.


Description of Activities


The Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC) exists as a coordinating umbrella for various Armenian medical associations located throughout the world. Our purpose includes coordination of healthcare assistance by these Armenian medical organizations to encourage cooperation and reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts.


To this end, we maintain an international database of Armenian healthcare providers and a directory of healthcare related projects serving Armenian communities.  We support Armenian Medical World Congresses (typically every 4 years) throughout the Diaspora. A periodic newsletter is sent to member associations and individual subscribers.


AMIC had originally organized in 1990 in MontrĂ©al Canada. After the MontrĂ©al office closed in 2012, it was reopened in Mountain View, California and was subsequently incorporated in the state of California in August 2015.  We are now registered as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.


AMIC's budget consists of membership dues paid by the member associations, as well as a portion of proceeds from Armenian Medical World Congresses and small donations. Our Board of Directors includes representatives from our member associations and meets annually.



This website is still in the formative stages.  We created this prototype to help us reconstruct the Armenian Healthcare Projects Database (accessible by clicking on the four guys holding the jigsaw puzzle in upper left corner of this page).  Your healthcare projects should be listed here!  Such a database can help us coordinate our healthcare projects in Armenia and elsewhere.  

You do not need to login into this website to search it. Click on the Search Box in the right upper quadrant. Type in any word that you want to search and it will find that word in the documents that we have entered.

Some of the documents have "search terms" at the bottom. These are simply words typed into the document so that they could be found easily using the Search Box.

You can submit  articles to the database.   Our goal is to develop a complete inventory of healthcare projects and resources in this database.  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any comments or questions.


AMIC also coordinates an Armenian Medical World Congress every four years.  The next Congress is planned for May 31 - June 2, 2017 in Buenos Aires Argentina.  These Congress are staggered with the International Medical Congress of Armenia, also held every 4 years, so that we can meet our colleagues every 2 years.


 Coming events 


July 2019:  5th International Medical Congress of Armenia


2021:  13th Armenian Medical World Congress in Moscow


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